A Prayer to the Teacher
"The Yoga of Love" by Rama 1983

God please come to me and illumine me,
please act in me and through me.
I don't know what's right and what's wrong.
I can't tell anymore.
I can be doing what I feel it's right, 
and perhaps I'm deceiving myself.
Perhaps it's all my ego and my vanity.

Please show me what's right, or don't even show me,
please just do it.
Whether it brings me happiness or unhappiness,
riches or poverty, sorrow or joy.
Please act in and through me,
I love only you.

Oh teacher, I love you more than anything,
and anyone else in all of existence.
When you smile at me the world lights up,
if you frown my world ends.

If I create a block between us,
through my foolishness, my pride, my arrogance,
my jealousy, my fear, my self-love,
then I suffer. I suffer and suffer.
And it's only when I remove those obstacles that I'll feel happy again,
but I know that you love me, no matter what I do,
because you were all love.

You may be strict with me, you may be lenient.
I trust you, and I know that whatever you do or say is for my own good.
I've looked into your heart and seen Eternity.
And I know that Eternity through you will always guide me, shelter me, and protect me.

I will do what you wish.
I will do my best for all.
But even so, I know I'm an insignificant creature
and not capable of fulfilling the dharma.
Please show me, please guide me.
If I make a mistake, please correct me.
But more than anything, please love me,
and let me love you.

Because as we merge our beings and fuse the light
that is our reality together - that's my completion.
That's when I see that I am you and that you are me.

I am thine and thou art mine.