December 1, 1986


   The world is the way the world is because we think that it is so.  Through the regular practice of meditation and with the assistance of a good Teacher, it is possible to change your understanding of existence.  Then the world will be new because your ideas will have altered.  There is no end to Enlightenment, just as there is no end to your own awareness.

    I am a Teacher.  I am the keeper of mysteries.  You seek knowledge and power, Truth, Light, and happiness.  I am happy to aid you in your search.

   You must constantly strive to enlarge your awareness.  Naturally, if you do, you will have an uncommonly fine and happy life. 

   We live in a world where no one believes.  Enlightenment and knowledge are laughed at.  Those who seek and teach the mysteries are scorned and often persecuted.  Welcome to the planet earth: environment hostile.

   You are a stranger in a strange land.  As an evolved person living in a relatively unevolved world, you are constantly subjected to a bombardment of seemingly endless negative vibrations emanating from those around you.  In order not to lose your resolve and purpose, you need to unite with others of like mind and work with an advanced Teacher who is in touch with, and can transfer, knowledge and power.  With the empowerment of an advanced Teacher, and your own best efforts, you will be able to explore the mysteries of knowledge that lead to completion and perfection.

   My seminars are for you.  They are moments, hours and evenings outside of time.  A chance, in a highly charged environment, to meditate, find stillness, and remember who you are.  A place, with others of like mind, to find and lose yourself in the transcendental light.

   The Winter Solstice is the time of ending and beginning.  This is a powerful time – a time to contemplate your immortality.  A time to forgive, to be forgiven, and to make a fresh start.  A time to awaken.

   I will be giving a special empowerment to all those who attend the December seminar.  On one of the four evenings I will also individually meditate on and provide a special empowerment to each person who attends.  This empowerment is intended to aid you in 1987.

   The December – January period is the strongest time of the year.  It is an easy time to shift states of mind. The December desert trip is also the most powerful of the four desert excursions.  I recommend it highly to persons who wish to gain the blessings and empowerment of the higher beings of the desert.


Christmas and Spiritual Teachers

    It is Christmas time.  An Enlightened Teacher came into the world, taught, and died.  His message was simple: Forgive.  While the human beings of this planet have still not absorbed this simple Truth, it remains the Truth.

    It is impossible to move on to new states of mind unless you seek the forgiveness of those you’ve offended.  If there is someone you feel you have offended, injured, or not been faithful to, I recommend that you write them a letter and simply tell them that you are sorry.

   Your letter will enable you to let go of any guilt you may be carrying and will allow you to make a fresh start in the new year.

   Advanced Teachers always forgive.  It is inevitable that anyone who seeks knowledge and power will make many mistakes.  It is the Teacher’s job to point out mistakes so that an individual doesn’t continue to hurt themselves or others.  Often, in the student’s confusion, she or he directs angers at the Teacher, blaming them for the pain they are experiencing, or for their own mistakes. 

   The Teacher forgives.  It is the only sensible thing to do.  But unfortunately the student often feels guilt for not living the type of life that their Teacher suggested, or they feel that they are intrinsically bad and incapable of leading a higher life.  Some students will even stop going to see their Teacher because they feel their attention level is so low. 

   You only find your Teacher once in many lifetimes.  Never be afraid to see them and meditate with them.  Your Teacher always understands and always forgives.  Your Teacher knows that as long as you keep trying, one day you will succeed.  Never be afraid to see your Teacher.  Never.

   Someone recently asked whom I consider to be students of mine?  I consider those persons to be my students who come and meditate with me on a regular basis, who, in spite of the hardships and difficulties on the path of knowledge, still continue to try, and who respect me as I respect them.  I will continue to empower, teach, enlighten, and love those persons who come to meditate with me.

    I would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  I commend you for being brave enough to seek knowledge and power.  I would like to acknowledge your continued support, either through your attendance at seminars, or through your direct gifts.  With your generous support it has been possible to continue to bring empowerment and knowledge to those who seek it.

                                                            --   Rama