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Pathways2Enlightenment is sponsored by Roger Cantu and the Meditation Club. You can contact us via email at We are located in San Antonio, Texas.

Mission Statement

The Meditation Club is an organization dedicated to aid its members to develop active, well disciplined lives by concentrating on mental, physical, and career development. Group members help each other learn to improve their careers, academic studies, and spiritual lives, by incorporating into their daily routine the wonderful practice of meditation.

Meditation, taught without religious affiliation, is the process of learning concentration and focus which can lead an individual to a level of excellence in all aspects of their life, including school, career, personal relationships, and happiness.

The Meditation Club sponsors monthly seminars for anyone interested in meditation and to explore different topics related to self-discovery. The purpose of the Meditation Club is to create an open forum for all the members of the community to share their interest in meditation and spirituality. The Meditation Club teaches a form of meditation that emphasizes the importance of focus and concentration to strengthen and clarify the mind. This type of mediation is called Chakra Meditation. It is an adaptation of Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism, Kundalini Yoga, and Original Zen.

The practice of meditation is about living a very grounded, happy, and fun life. It's about being energized, and being good at everything that you do, and getting better constantly. It's about utilizing the full power of your mind, body, and spirit, to enjoy life and to experience its multifaceted sides.

Roger Cantu, Director of the Meditation Club, has studied and practiced meditation for many years. He is a wonderful teacher, and the author of "Powerful Mental Development", "Journey to India", and other books. Click here for details.


In 1986, I (Roger Cantu) was standing outside of the Japan American Theater looking at the Zen garden located off the side of the auditorium. Rama Dr. Frederick Lenz approached me and said, "Hi there."

I replied, "Hi Rama." After a moment of silence and contemplation of the garden, I asked Rama, "Are you going to organize the Meditation Club again at UCLA?" (Rama and a few of his students had organized a student organization at UCLA aimed at holding free meditation seminars on campus).

Rama said, "Yes, we are."

"Great! Well, I'm a UCLA student. If you need any help, let me know. I would be happy to help."

"I will keep you in mind." Said Rama and slowly walked away.

In 1991, a small group of Rama students came to UCLA and were looking for a faculty or staff member who would sponsor the group. I was working at UCLA at the time and told the group to ask Rama if I could be the sponsor, and he agreed.

A year later, Rama came into town to meet all the UCLA students that had participated in the Meditation Club during the year and meditated with them in Malibu. During Rama's visit to LA, I met with Rama and he told me that I should start teaching basic meditation classes at UCLA and keep the Meditation Club going. He felt that it would be good for me to teach young people how to meditate. He also mentioned that he remembered our brief encounter outside of the Japan American Theater years before. We both laugh about how long it took us to get this done... 

Since that time, I have kept the Meditation Club going even though I have moved around the country. I have organized the meditation club at UCLA, the University of Texas at Arlington, the University of Houston, and now in San Antonio, Texas.

However, I am by no means the "heir to the throne." There are many other teachers in the Rama lineage that are much better than me. I am just a teacher of basic meditation. Kundalini, Tony, Jenna, Lynne, and many others have done a excellent job of teaching through the years. I just feel very lucky to be part of this experience we call American Buddhism.